NOW is the Best Time to Prevent a Post-Holiday Slump

Small Business MarketingFor many small businesses, coming down from a Holiday craze can seem like you’re going into slow motion compared to the giant leap in activity during November and December. If you’re experiencing a post-Holiday slump, you’re not the only one.

Don’t stop your efforts from 2013 now; let them roll right into January for a fantastic start to the New Year. Pushing through the end of the year with vigor will set your business up for great success in 2014. The key to keeping a steady stream of new business and revenue is promotion. Whether you’re ending the year way above your quotas or far under, the best plan for you is promotion.  Promote to prevent another month under quota, or promote to ensure that you will continue to thrive.

Over the next few weeks, focus on these types of promotion for your company that will allow you to get ahead of your competition and not become subject to a post-Holiday slump in January and February.

1. Email Marketing
Commit to new types of emails that you would like to send out this year. Challenge yourself to more than just your monthly Newsletter. Throw in a few Special Offers and even a Welcome campaign for new additions to your email list. Email Marketing has proven itself to be a vital tool for staying in touch with new prospects and past clients. Use this tool to your benefit by diversifying your campaigns to target your audience(s).

2. Social Media
Start planning your campaigns for 2014 now. Make decisions about the way you would like to engage with customers, how often you’d like to reach out to them, what types of actions you would like them to take, etc. Take the downtime you’ll have going into the New Year to review posts and campaigns from 2013 that got the most engagement. Use this as a guide to brainstorm campaign ideas that are likely to be just as successful.

3. Website
Your website needs to be a living, growing, evolving part of your organization- not just a stagnant online brochure that everyone forgets is there. As few as 1 out of 20 companies get weekly leads from their websites. Think about different ways that you can put in new strategies that convert visitors to hot leads from your website.

4. Direct Mail
Still proven to have one of the highest ROI, direct mail pieces are a great way to reach back out to past clients or to inform your target audience of your qualifications and ability to serve them. With the right strategy, you could pull in tons of new clients this year using postcards. If you haven’t used direct mail before (or in the last few years) consider a strategic campaign to shoot your message out to tons of prospects in your area.

Now is the time to start planning for a successful year in 2014 and avoid falling into a slump due to lack of promotion. And don’t forget the upside to starting your promotion now: You can still claim tax-deductions on money spent for your business in 2013.

If you aren’t sure what you should focus on going into the New Year, request a Free Marketing Consultation to go over your plans and get helpful advice for your business’ needs.